Brief Introduction of Flammable Cabinets

The safe storage of laboratory hazardous materials is very important. Once the hazardous chemicals accident happens, no one can predict the results, neither can someone afford the consequences. Laboratory safety management should focus on daily behavior, prevention is better than rescue. As the flammable liquid are flammable, thermal expansible, flow diffusion, electrostatic and toxic, you must treat it carefully.

Flammable cabinets are designed for the laboratory of flammable and explosive, drug classification and storage. The cheap safety flammable cabinets has the advantages of explosion proof, anti theft, fire retardant, corrosion resistant, automatic exhaust, temperature and humidity alarm and others.

【Usage Precautions】
1. The volatile and easy to(self) burn chemicals should be stored in the cabinet preferentially. Storage principle is still adhere to the solid-liquid separation, the liquid near the lower place; oxidants and reducing agent should not be stored in the cabinet at the same time;

2. Mechanical lock key and the password of electronic lock should be kept by the two staff;

3. Set the timer and keep the fan automatically open normally on time. So that the fan will open regularly even though no one is care for it. So as to protect the fan and ensure ventilation of the cabinet;

4. You should remember to replace the password lock battery in time and save two sets of mechanical lock key. Most of the password lock failure is result from battery power; the door can not open if you lost any set of mechanical lock key.

5. You must place a amount of sand inside of yellow sand baffle to avoid leak and fire.

6. The vast majority of flammable liquid steam has a certain toxicity, which will is harmful to people if it enter into the human body from the respiratory tract. So special attention should be paid to the packaging the flammable liquid well before storage it in flammable cabinets.