Characteristics of Acid Corrosive Cabinet

For the inspection and testing of toxic hazardous chemicals or reagents related to industrial and mining enterprises, metallurgical and chemical industries, the acid corrosive cabinet  is needed to storage dedicated toxic to achieve strict and safe control, and also ensure the safety of toxic and dangerous chemicals. The acid corrosive safety cabinet has the following characteristics:

Characteristics Of Acid Corrosive Cabinet

The acid cabinet use high-quality PP sheet system with extraordinary acid and corrosion resistance performance. It is suitable for all kinds of laboratory acid and alkali storage.

We provide a variety of thickness of the PP board for customers to choose (8,10,12 mm) for using in different occasions.

The acid corrosive cabinet use CNC machine whole plate cutting, laser welding torch seamless welding to ensure solid cabinet. What’s more the top of the cabinet can also do as the workbench.

We developed patented technology Lotus vents, reflecting the people-oriented, customer-oriented concept.

Adjustable anti-spill tray can prevent strong acid and alkali liquid leak out effectively, so as to avoid injury operators. The tray can be individually removed to adjust the storage space. It is safe and reliable with load up to 150KG (special custom).

Using button-lock double lock design, the acid corrosive cabinet are not easy to damage. Therefore, the secure storage of chemicals is guaranteed.

According to the customer's habits, we can make striking warning label specially to keep operators away from danger.