Common Sense of Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet

Currently on the market, most of the flammable liquid storage cabinets are A1 class with a variety of shape and style. Consumers can choose the product according to their needs. Regardless of different type of flammable liquid storage cabinet products, consumers should pay attention to the following aspects:

Common Sense Of Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet

1, The color on the surface of the film of anti-theft fireproof explosion-proof cabinet outside should be uniform. It must have no obvious cracks, bubbles, spots and other defects. The outdoor flammable storage cabinet should choose carefully, as it is placed in outside, its safety should be guaranteed.

2, The height of the cabinet should be no lager than 6OO mm, the gap on the right and left between cabinet doors and doors should be no larger than 1.5 mm, while the under gap should be no larger than Z mm. The anti-theft performance will be reduced if the gap is too large. 3A class, B class anti-theft fireproof explosion-proof cabinet is less than 34O kg. It should be installed fixed hole, fixed parts and instructions to fix the instructions. Customers should fix the cabinet according to the requirements of the instructions in time.

3, In general, the door thickness of flammable storage cabinet is 8 mm ~ 1 mm, and the cabinet thickness is 6 mm or more, so as to ensure the performance of anti-theft. You should ask the store for the plate thickness of flammable liquid storage cabinet when you buy it.

In recent years, a product named safe deposit box or safe box appeared in the market, its appearance is similar to flammable liquid storage cabinet. And the price of safe deposit box is cheap, as its steel thickness is much smaller than flammable liquid storage cabinet. Qualified flammable liquid storage cabinet thickness is 6 mm or more, while the safe deposit box is made of steel plate about 2 mm or even metal. Therefore, it is easy to be damaged and do not belong to the special flammable liquid storage facilities. You should ask clearly when you buy it.