Emergency Eyewash Use Environment, Instructions and Maintenance

1. Emergency eyewash use environment:
a. Contact with acids, alkalis and organic compounds such as toxic or harmful sites
b. Room temperature using; note pipe freezing in cold regions, where recommended antifreeze device or electric heating products.

2.Emergency shower and eyewash instruction:
a. Push the shower as long as the eye gently push valve, clean water is automatically ejected from the emergency eyewash nozzle after use manual valve has to be complex and reset the dust cover.
b. Wash other parts of the body: pull down the valve lever by hand, water from the shower head is automatically ejected after use must be levers to reset on.
c. This product because of the emergency, temporary mitigation of harmful substances to the body, and further treatment, listen the doctor's instruction.

3. Emergency safety shower maintenance:
a. Adequate training prior to use, the user training and trial operation.
b.Equipment should be regularly inspected (recommended once a week), such as poor water should be promptly identified and processed in a timely manner.

4.Emergency shower company

ZHIHAO Lab is a professional emergency safety shower company, provides wall mounted, floor mounted, desk mounted emergency eyewash shower and safety shower and eye wash station in solid brass or stainless steel material.

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