Fire Proof Cabinets for Dangerous Goods and Chemicals

Safety flammable cabinets are also known as fire proof cabinets, explosion-proof cabinets, fire prevention and explosion proof cabinets, safe storage cabinets and chemical storage cabinets in industry.It is used to regulate the storage of flammable liquids and certain dangerous goods and chemicals. Different sizes of it provide safe storage of flammable, flammable liquids and chemicals. Small size chemical storage cabinets can be placed in the workplace, stored flammable, flammable and organic solvents, eliminating the trouble of dangerous goods storage room.


Industrial safety cabinet is dedicated to the storage of dangerous goods, chemicals, raw materials, flammable liquids, industrial consumables, safety cans, safe containers, drums, cylinders, waste cans, packaging cans, cans, bottles, liquid chemicals and other dangerous combustible products. The product has yellow (yellow indicated flammable liquid), red (red indicated flammable liquid), blue (blue indicated corrosion liquid) three kinds of colors, three kinds of colors are the same size, the storage chemicals type is different. In the storage of chemicals, the use of colored labels to identify, sort, and separate flammable or dangerous liquids. In doing so, it is convenient for fire fighters to identify dangerous articles in case of fire.

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