How to Choose a Laboratory Fume Hood

Laboratory furniture, fume hood structure mainly includes four parts, respectively is: low ark and gretai, mesa and additional accessories. To before the choose and buy is to want from this four parts, the details of the need to choose to suit oneself experiment of fume hood:

First of all, how to choose the laboratory fume hood low ark:

A.Stock is reasonable, gas, electricity, water and other unsafe.

B.If used in the experiments of volatile medicine, you need to choose to has air suction function.

C.Material prison is not strong, can fire, can withstand the laboratory of chemical erosion;

The second strategy how to choose the fume hood:

Inside a fume hood, which one of the most common has three models: floor type, desktop, standard type, when choosing a strategy to consider:

A.See choosing epoxy resin plate or resistance to Bert for fume hood lining materials;

B.Should choose adaptive control system and variable air volume or fixed air volume;

C.The hood opening position is not suitable for laboratory space;

D.Wind speed can't meet the requirements.

Third how to choose the right air-counter:

A.Is there a slot for a cistern and a cup;

B.Outlet design can not adapt to the environment in our laboratory;

C.Table of characteristics can meet test requirements for material;

D.Is designed to prevent leakage of liquid dish-shaped protective side.

How To Choose A Laboratory Fume Hood