Lab Furniture Classification - Lab Table

Lab furniture is a kind of special furniture. Lab furniture should not only have good use functions, but also have clean and bright appearance and colors, so as to improve indoor environment and reflect the characteristics of the times. The design, flexibility, and serialization of lab furniture are a part of a laboratory building and one of the basic conditions of the laboratory.
Lab furniture,in order to meet the needs of various different experiment contents of laboratory experiment, in the pursuit of comfortable environment and safety at the same time, should meet the experimental function, strong resistance and corrosion resistance, and installation flexibility and etc.. Lab furniture is different from household furniture, it is frequently used in contact with water, electricity, gas, chemicals and materials and equipment, therefore put forward higher requirements on the structure and material of furniture, so it is important to pay attention to the design and selection of the lab furniture in the  construction of laboratory.

There are many lab furniture, but it is mainly composed of lab table, lab casework and lab hood.

1.Lab table
1.According to the structure of the form: divided into fixed and combination type
The fixed lab table: the fixed lab table has many forms, and it is still widely used in our country. Common use of reinforced concrete structure of the table and brick support, the platform is wooden cabinet, and the top uses white tiles, terrazzo, marble or natural granite and etc.. This kind of lab table is durable, high temperature resistant,  stable, and commonly be used in lab shaker table,high temperature furnace, photometric instrument and etc..
Combined lab table: depending on its own structure, it is divided into several independent parts,
produced separately, and then assembled together, which can flexibly layout the laboratory, facilitate transportation, and facilitate serialization production.
2. The classification of materials
Wooden lab table: This is a more common form at home and abroad, the quality is lighter, more flexible, and can be made into a variety of unit combinations, its shortcomings are larger wood consumption.
Steel lab table: it is made up of steel support, vessel cabinet, table top and reagent rack. Stent made of steel thin-wall steel bracket, the foot has fine adjustment screw pipe, the space between the steel bracket. The cabinet is made of wooden components and can be flexibly hung on the steel support. Although this material has antiseptic coating on its surface, it is hard to avoid corrosion. It is generally used in instrument analysis room. Steel laboratory furniture advantages: strong, beautiful, can use more than 10 years to maintain deformation, and can resist strong acid and strong alkali, is the direction of lab furniture development .
Reinforced concrete lab table: it consists of a reinforced concrete mesa and a support (or a
masonry support) and a counter top cabinet. Its disadvantages are its high quality and lack of
Mixed material lab table:it has wooden cupboard with a steel frame and reinforced concrete
table or tabletop material and the lower activity, it is also possible to make modular, lighter
quality, flexibility is considered better than the formal one.
3. The classification of experimental use
There are mainly chemical lab table, lab shaker table, washing table and so on. Lab table will be different according to the layout of the laboratory .In the middle of laboratory, it is called the island type lab table ,one end of it against the wall is called the peninsula type lab table; if a long side bench of it against the wall,it will be called the side lab table. The corresponding reagent racks, washing tables and containers are also different. Some have also divided the lab table into
one side lab table and two sided lab table, the latter refers to the island type lab table and the peninsula type lab table.
4. lab table tops
At present, there are several materials of lab table tops that are frequently used:
Epoxy resin lab table: mainly for strengthening epoxy resin composition, has a smooth and safe arc cutting edge, mold forming a chemical panel. Internal and external materials are consistent. and when damaged they can be repaired and restored. Excellent resistance to acid, alkali and impact, high temperature resistance (about 800 degrees).
Corrosion resistant psychological board: it is made of high quality multi - pack paper after screening. It is soaked in special phenolic liquid and formed by high pressure thermosetting effect. It is treated by surface special corrosion resistance. It has the properties of acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance and heat resistance. It is economical and durable.
TRESPA: 70% of the wood fiber, 30% of melamine resin, using double electron beam scanning patent technology, melamine attached to the surface layer, by high temperature and high pressure molding.

Corrosion resistant chemical paste panel consists of adding special components of phenolic resin, impregnated kraft paper, white and special surface paper, processed by high temperature and high pressure. It has the properties of acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance and heat resistance. Economical and durable (used with substrate).