Main Function of Laboratory Fume Hood-II

Using the fume hood is the biggest purpose discharge harmful gases generated in the experiment, protecting the health of the researchers, that is to say, want to have a high security and excellent operability, which requires the fume hood should have the following features:

Release function:
(1) Should have the harmful gas produced inside laboratory fume hood with outside gas absorption tank, make its diluted excluded outside the organization.

(2) Not put back the clock function, should have the airflow inside the fume hood is produced by the exhaust fan will be harmful gas Body from the inside of the fume hood is not the function of the reverse flow into the interior.

In order to ensure the implementation of this function, a hood and a fan with a single pipe connection is the best way, cannot use a single pipe connection, also only can be provided the same room and even, fan installed at the end of the pipe as far as possible (or roof).

(3) The isolation function: in front of the fume hood should be in not sliding glass Windows will be separated in ventilation cabinet outside.

(4) Supplementary functions: should have at the time of discharge harmful gas, from the outside of the fume hood inhaled air passage or alternative devices.