Steel Lab Bench Have Fully Instead of the Common Experimental Bench

With the changes of times and the demand of production, many industrial equipment have undergone great changes, and now thesteel lab benchhave fully instead of the early common experimental bench. The stainless steel lab bench is produced by steel plate. With waterproof, anti-corrosion and other properties, the steel lab bench is easy to install with strong stability after placement. The extended area can be customized according to the size of the room and the experimental use. There are black and gray for customers to choose.

Steel Lab Bench Have Fully Instead of The Common Experimental Bench

Without breaking the original wall and the ground, the placement of steel lab bench is simple and stable. As the thick layer is a double-layer structure, it can be customized into different height of the hole fixed lab bench according to the actual needs which is fixed and not easy to fall off. The flushing faucet of steel lab bench is made from anti-acid and rust-proof copper material. The steel lab bench slide is multi-section slide design, with a strong load-bearing and strong effect of silence. The hinges are made of high quality chrome plated steel. Its cushioning force is good enough to reduce noise and the wear caused by the cushioning collision. After phosphating, pickling, and epoxy resin (EPOXY) powder paint treatment, its surface is  bright and clean with outstanding anti-acid and anti-alkali performance.

So perfect and reliable steel lab bench not only bring convenience for the experimental workers but also improve the environmental safety factor. Not to say its beautiful appearance and simple operation, it is certainly the most suitable lab bench.
Steel Lab Bench Have Fully Instead of The Common Experimental Bench supplierslab

The steel lab bench has the advantages of good load-bearing performance, strong, beautiful appearance, elegant shape, long service life without deformation and excellent cost performance. In recent years, it has been well received by domestic and foreign laboratory users.