The Basis of Setting Shower and Eyewash Station

There are many occupational hazards in chemical production. Enterprises not only need to improve safety awareness and good preventive measures, but also have to master the necessary emergency treatment skills.


Damage to chemical plants:

Poisoning, suffocation and chemical burns. One of the most common accident is chemical burn. Chemical burns can be divided into chemical skin burns and chemical eye burns. It needs to take emergency treatment measures after the chemical burns. We believe that all chemical companies have a deal for chemical skin burns, which we will not go into details. The followings are mainly about the eye treatment and the basis and principles of eyewash station setting .

As an emergency equipment during the accident , the purpose of the setting is to provide water to rinse the eyes, face or body of the operator which are exposed to the chemical products, so as  to reduce the possible damage caused by chemicals. Whether the washing is timely and thorough is directly related to the severity of the injury and the prognosis.


Which kind of business needs to be equipped with eyewash station?

Chemical enterprises, especially those who produce toxic or corrosive products, need to be equipped with eyewash station. Of course, metallurgy, coal mining, etc, also need to be equipped.

1. In the vicinity of the control room of the device, a safe room shall be set up, which shall be equipped with safety protective clothing, neutralization pool, personal flushing facilities, eye wash station, emergency medicine and so on.

2. Near the main distillation tower feed pump, reflux pump and regeneration tower should set  the body neutralization pool, accident shower and eyewash station. Device tools and pool should be set in the device.

3. Phenol and acetone filling plant should be mechanically ventilated and phenol filling point should have an accident shower and the eye wash station.

4. Equipment containing hydrogen fluoride material should be arranged in a zone, surrounded by cofferdam and obvious safety signs. In the area, there shall be a personal and physical pool, equipment tools and facilities, and personal washers and eyewash station.

5. The device shall be equipped with a special safe room, and equipped with a neutralization pool, a shower and a eyewash station, and also equipped with a safety protective clothing and emergency medicine cabinet.

6. Dust poisoning serious plant and warehouse construction (structure) building walls, roof and the ground should be smooth and easy to clean, if necessary, it can be designed waterproof, anti-virus and other special protective layer and special cleaning facilities.

7. In the workplace where the liquid toxicity is serious, the safety protection measures such as eyewash station, leaching device should be designed. The service radius of the shower and eyewash should be no more than 15m.

8. The workplace with the danger of chemical burns, safety protection measures such as eye wash station and shower should be designed. The radius of shower and eyewash station should be no more than 15m. The water quality of the eyewash station and shower should be in accordance with the provisions of the current national standard (sanitary drinking water hygiene standard) GB5749, and should continuously supply water; The drainage of the shower and the eye wash station shall be incorporated into the plant sewage pipe network and the ambulance box shall be installed in the safe location of the installation area. Staff are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment.

9. Strong toxic materials workplace should be set up with the water shower facilities, eyewash station and other emergency facilities.