the Dangerous of Flammable Liquid

Flammable liquid are liquid substances that are easily combusted at room temperature. Most of these substances are organic compounds, many of which are petrochemical products. In accordance with the provisions of national standards, the liquid, liquid mixture or liquid containing solid mixture whose closed cup test flash point ≤ 60.50C or cup test flash point ≤ 65.60C are all flammable liquid. According to the characteristics of flammable liquid storage and transportation and the size of the fire risk, "Fire Code for Architectural Design" divided the flammable liquid into A, B, C three categories in accordance with the flash point.

The flammable liquid are characterized by flammability, vapor explosion, heat expansion, fluidity, chargeability and toxicity. In the process of production, storage, transportation and use, explosive combustion and poisoning accidents are prone to happen because of flammable liquid leakage, resulting in casualties and property damage.

Today's industry is facing more and more dangerous flammable products, its safe handling and storage is an urgent problem that need to solve. What’s worse, most flammable liquid in public area are in bad storage condition. The loss in human and material resources is unpredictable once the fire accident happens. Theoutdoor flammable storage cabinetcan help us to avoid fire accident effectively.

The Dangerous Of Flammable Liquid

Features of outdoor flammable liquid storage cabinet
1. To prevent the occurrence of fire, control spills and reduce the risk of personnel injuries due to fire.
2. Isolated dangerous liquid to avoid other people touch it and improve security specifications.
3. Reduce costs and improve work efficiency.
4. The effective management of various dangerous goods.
5. It can prevent the fire for more than an hour so that the staff can have more time to take measures to reduce loss.
6. Reduce pollution and protect the environment.