the Effect and Function of Chemical Safety Storage Cabinet

Chemical safety cabinets play an important role in the development of industrial production, so why explosion-proof cabinets will play such an important role? What unique functions does it have?
 1. Effectively store chemicals in the industry to reduce the risk of fire due to the chemical properties of the chemical and to protect the safety of personnel and equipment.
 2. Identify, organize and isolate hazardous liquids.
 3., In line with federal OSHA regulations and national and local fire regulations, products through the CE certification, the relevant departments to strictly detect, in order to prepare the security department inspection, for a rainy day.
 4. Make chemicals near the point of use and improve work efficiency.
 5.Double double lock control, improve security, can also be equipped with password locks, to ensure safety.
 6. Effectively reduce the waste of materials for the company and save the company's cost.
Chemical safety cabinet is one of the most commonly used safe storage cabinets in daily life. ZHONGYU chemical safety storage cabinets includes: for combustible gas storage cylinders used in the experiment, to promote burning gas cylinders, all steel cabinets are compressed gases; flammable and corrosive safety cabinet safety cabinet also can store the chemical liquid. Is one of the most commonly used safety equipment in production and life. Our products meet the national safety standards, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, scientific research, EHS, MRO and other fields.
Nowadays, the industry is facing more and more dangerous flammable products, and the safe handling and storage become an urgent problem. Zhi Hao Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. chemical safety cabinet can ensure the safety of your storage. The inside of the cabinet is equipped with adjustable laminated board, which is convenient for storing inflammable substances such as alcohol, and improves the space utilization rate.


Benefits of using chemical safety cabinets:

1, various sizes of explosion-proof cabinets can provide safe storage, repacking and classification management for your hazardous chemicals.
2, a small size of the chemical storage cabinets, can be placed in your workplace to store flammable and organic content, save you from dangerous goods storage room trouble. Even in smaller workspaces, small explosion-proof cabinets provide safe storage of flammable liquids and chemicals.
In the actual production operation environment, each relative specific operating environment and explosion-proof requirements are also different, so the chemical safety cabinet specially crafted according to user requirements; ensure all anti explosion safety.