The Installation Requirement of Eyewash Station


Safety protection facilities: such as table eyewash station, eye wash station, safety cabinet, etc. The table eyewash station should be placed on the right side of the sink because the Chinese are used to using the right hand to operate. The eye wash station should be placed at the exit, and the room must be equipped with floor drain. The safety cabinet should be placed in the most visible place, with first aid medicine inside.

The service radius of the eyewash station and shower should be within 15m, so that the user can reach the device directly at no more than 10s. The device should have at least three directions of work, with no obstacles around, so that it can be used quickly. The center of the washing device is 40.6 em (16 inches) from any obstacle. There should be no electrical switches around the eyewash station to prevent accidents.

All the areas of the eyewash station and shower must maintain at least 1 m for the channel. At the same time, maintain an open area with a diameter of no less than 1.2 m, and the area must be painted in a safe color.

Around the eyewash station and shower equipment, there should be eye-catching signs, signs had better use bilingual in English and Chinese and pictorial, very vividly to tell the job site staff the location and use of eyewash station and shower. We can install the night light indicator sign on the equipment, and can also be equipped with explosion-proof sound light alarm and explosion-proof lamp to remind other people to come to help when the equipment is using.

There should be a dust cover on each head of the eyewash. The valve of the eye wash station should be easy to operate, and the opening time cannot exceed 1s. The valve should have anti-corrosion function. The nozzle of the eye wash station should have the filter to prevent the debris in the water from doing harm to human eye.