The Layout of Laboratory Furniture Ⅰ

The construction of a laboratory with complete functions needs professional design by professional technicians , comprehensive consideration, and the adherence of the principle of people-oriented. Building a regularized and standardized  laboratory to achieve the best effect.

Rational design of laboratory waterways

1.The upper pipe is made of DG15PP material, PVC material, Kaitai pipe, water pressure is no less than 2.5 MPa, the sewer pipe is made of DG50 PP material, PVC, ceramic materials, with a minimum slope of no less than 5 degrees, and is equipped with U-tube trap. The  pipeline of upper and sewer should not be made of metal. The  pipeline laid to the outdoor should be discussed  separately.

2.Water storage equipment of second time should be designed to deal with poisonous and harmful liquids produced in the experiment which should be discharged after disinfection and purification have reached the discharge standard.

3.The sewer pipes of the lab should be designed with independent circuit and should not be connected with the toilet and other sewer pipes.


Rational design of laboratory circuits

1.China voltage standard:AC three-phase five wire system power supply 380V, 50HZ, (red, A, green, B, yellow, C, black, 0, two-color protected). AC single phase three wire power supply 220V, 50HZ, (red fire, black 0, two-color protection).

2.Properly design  laboratory electrical, layout wiring with copper core BVR, BV. Wire diameter, switch size,should be according to the calculation of power capacity.

3.The larger load appliance is set up separately, and the corresponding automatic protective switch is designed.

4.Valuable instruments and precision instrument power supply should be designed AC voltage regulator or isolation power supply to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the instrument.

5.All sockets, electrical appliances should be good grounding, to ensure personal safety.

6.Properly design air conditioning and lighting. Properly design  electric heating device to achieve safe and reliable use.

Properly design gas circuits of laboratory

1.To ensure safety, the experiment uses various gases, if the condition permit, a room far away from the work place should be designed in order to storage gas, or need to set up with full automatic alarm function gas cylinder safe storage.

The experiment produces poisonous and harmful gas, should design negative pressure exhaust system to make sure poisonous and harmful gas will not leak inside the room.

3.According to room size scale, design corresponding quantity with ventilator wind valve, to guarantee the air circulation and clean.

Every room shall be designed with a vent for the filter. If it is a room with an indoor corridor, a shutter can be arranged on the door and window, and the size shall be calculated according to the proportion of the displacement.