The Layout of Laboratory Furniture II


Properly design laboratory exhaust system

1.The exhaust system project is the key to the laboratory construction, and the effect of the ventilation cabinet mainly lies in the design of the exhaust system.
2.The best choice of exhaust pipe material is FRP inorganic resin materials,and  PVC material or PP material can also be used. Duct wall should be made with rough surface to reduce the airflow noise, using a circular or giant , diameter 250 500mm, according to the requirements to determine the size of exhaust air.
3.FRP anti-corrosion fan type: (1) a single axial flow fan, ventilation cabinet, single atomic absorption cover is the wind. (2) oblique flow fan, double stage ventilation cabinet, double atomic absorption hood, slightly large air flow. (3) centrifugal fan, multiple ventilation cabinets or when large exhaust air is needed. (4) roof fans (ibid.) can all be selected.
4.The anticorrosive fan shall be installed on the outdoor roof. The air outlet should be equipped with the rain protection, the bird cover, the shock absorber, the anti - wind valve and the silencer.
If the laboratory is air-conditioned and equipped with a fume hood, the air supply device shall be properly designed to avoid waste of energy.
Properly design  laboratory furniture, make full use of space
1.Make full use of the available space, make the layout of laboratory furniture reasonable, conform to the rules of experimental operation, and achieve the best effect of scientific use of space.
2.Laboratory furniture is ergonomically designed to reach long, wide, and high standard, and become suitable for humanized design.
3.The design of laboratory furniture is suitable for the process flow of the experiment work, the smooth of work line and the fluency of channel.
4.The design of laboratory furniture can not block the light, block the heating, heat and cause other energy-wasting phenomenon. .
5.Laboratory furniture should adapt environmentally friendly, flame retardant, corrosion resistant, high strength professional materials which are durable.
6.Laboratories in different disciplines such as biology, genetics, physics and chemistry should be designed with different types of base furniture and ensure its safety, economy and utility.

The decoration construction of laboratory
1.The renovation and decoration of laboratory is different from normal one, the design should not only be beautiful and comfortable, but also be fireproof, moisture-proof, and has anti-corrosion performance, increased ventilation, purification, sterilization, sterile and other functions, to achieve environmental security reliable and durable.
2.The choice of decoration materials should mainly be considered environmental protection and corrosion resistance.
3.Adopt thickness 12MM-19MM, all glass partition, is the current laboratory construction universal promotion design scheme. Spacious, bright, scientific and modern.
4.The toxic and harmful gases and liquids produced in the experience should be discharged for two times, in order to achieve emission standards.