The Principle of Setting Shower and Eyewash Station

The general principle of shower and eyewash setting

1. shower and eyewash should be installed in the presence of highly toxic substances, corrosive substances, chemical burns and other dangerous areas, hazard identification can refer to the following:

Hazard identification can refer to chemical substances in the MSDS substances in the hazardous characteristics and health hazards, first aid measures and other items. (HG 20532-93) Appendix F lists the chemical powder burns on the body of the chemical powder media; "Petrochemical Enterprise Occupational Safety and Health Design Code" (SH 3047-93) in the column Several types of petrochemical production equipment must be set up leaching, eyewash; "occupational chemical eye burns diagnostic criteria" (GBZ54-2002) lists the chemical caused by eye chemical burns, which can be used as a reference. In addition, the identification of hazard sources in the evaluation of safety pre-evaluation and safety status of the project has provided the basis for the confirmation of the danger source.

2, the service radius of shower and eyewash station should be in 15 meters, the straight time of the users to reach the eyewash station should be no more than 10 seconds. Equipment at least has three directions of work, no surrounding obstacles, so as to use rapidly.

3, shower and eyewash station can not be installed cross-layer.

4, there are no electrical switches in order to prevent accidents around shower and eyewash station .

5, shower and eyewash station outlet must be connected to the wastewater treatment pool.

6, water pressure requirements of shower and eyewash station: 0.2--0.4Mpa

7, flushing water quality of shower and eyewash station must meet the drinking water health standards.

8,the start switch of shower and eyewash station is best for pedal.

9, around the shower and eyewash station , there should be eye-catching signs, the logo is best to use the text description and icon, very vividly to tell the job site staff the location and use of eyewash station and shower equipment . There can install the device luminous signs, it can also be equipped with explosion-proof sound and light alarm and explosion-proof lights, to remind other people to come to the rescue when the equipment is using.

10, in the cold area, spray eyewash station need set up with the heating facilities.


maintenance of shower and eyewash station

If don’t use eyewash station and shower equipment for a long time, the water pipe may produce impurities. If use the water containing impurities to wash eyes, it is easy to lead to eye inflammation, increased eye damage; if use it to rinse the skin damage caused by chemical burns , it is easy to prone to infection and bring serious consequences. As a result, eyewash station and shower equipment is activated at least once a week to see if it can function properly, which reduces the chances of sediment accumulation and microbial hazards in stagnant water supply lines. For mobile eyewash station (such as portable eyewash station, portable pressure eyewash station), it needs to arrange a daily check whether the water supply is sufficient.

At the same time, the proposed water supply should be changed once a day to ensure water quality. An annual inspection of eyewash station and shower equipment is required every year to see if the equipment is in good condition.