The Role of Eyewash Station in the Laboratory


Is your lab equipped with a eye-wash? If so, is it used frequently? Is it regularly maintained? Is there any training? Is it necessary to install eyewash station in the laboratory? Let's talk about it today!
Many experimental apes say that their labs does not have eyewash station, but indeed more and more enterprises or laboratories have equipped, one is the safety needs, the other is the time when the certification teacher compulsory requirements, but most of the laboratory eyewash station is only the furnishings, and does not get a reasonable use.

use raiders of laboratory eyewash station

Eyewash station is a safe and necessary labor protection equipment, is the necessary emergency, protection facilities to contact with acid, alkali, organic and other toxic and corrosive substances  In the installation, the eyewash station nozzle should not bump with the hard objects as much as possible, so as not to damage the surface luster. Pay attention to the install of eyewash station nozzle after the removal of the debris in the pipeline. Under the condition of the water pressure is not less than 0.02 mpa, after a period time of use, if it is found that water yield decreases, or even the phenomenon of water heater flameout, you can get in the eyewash nozzle nozzle gently and remove the sun cover, remove the impurities. In addition, the switch ball valve should not be too much force, homeopathy can be gently turn, do not die, do not use the handle as a handrail, eyewash station should be paid attention to daily maintenance, so as to increase the service life.

Eyewash station in use should also pay attention to the following points:
1, rinse the rest of the body, use the hand to pull down the valve rod, then water will automatically eject from the sprinkler, after the use the pull rod should be reset.
2, eyewash station for emergency situations can temporarily slow down the harmful substances on the body, take further treatment and follow the doctor's guidance.
3,when use the eyewash station, rinse the eye as long as push the push valve gently, the clean water will automatically eject from the eyewash nozzle. After the use the valve and the dust cover should be reset.

International standards for eyewash station

About the specific settings for the eyewash station, China only in the "Chemical Enterprise Safety and Health Design Regulations" (HG20571-95) Article 4.1.4 , stipulates that its service radius is less than 15m. American Standard ANSI Z358.1-2004 as an internationally recognized eyewash station standard is adopted in many countries and is also developed as a standard for many countries such as the Australian Standard AS4775-2007, China Taiwan Province CNSl4251 T2048-1998. European standards EN15154-1&2: 2006 provide specific provisions on the installation, use, specifications and testing of vertical body rinse and vertical intraocular rinse in the laboratory, the European standard EN15154-3&4: 2007 mainly for experimental non-vertical body washers and non-vertical intraocular irrigators.