Lab Furniture for Education

The school laboratory equipment customization is a relatively special one. Because the users are the students, so the security is particularly important. When purchasing laboratory equipments, the most important things to consider for school are the safety problems that may arise during the process of purchase, in addition to the utility of products.

1. The humanization at the edge

Most of the laboratory equipments customizing in primary and secondary schools are some experimental tables and chairs. As students of primary and secondary school are still in active period, stumble problems are easy to occur when school desks and chairs are put into use. If the corner is protruding too obviously, then  serious damages may arise to the corners, so the furniture should have smooth process, or use a soft edge.

2. Avoid the use of metal parts

The student's laboratory equipment, for the sake of safety, does not try to use metal parts. Although the metal is strong, some prominent parts can also cause harm. In addition to the place where the hardware accessories must be used in the school laboratory equipment, the naked accessories should be in plastic boxes and plastic materials for the best.

3. The stability of furniture is better

The stability of the multi fingered structure is used in students' laboratory equipment, such as the generation of crevice, so as to avoid possible gaps in the process of using or placing, which is also for safety.

4. The height must be reasonable

Considering the particularity of users, the height of school laboratory equipment should reach the standard of rational use, and the standard height should be customized according to the age and average height of students.

Three points for choosing and buying


Selection is to find a regular laboratory furniture manufacturer before purchasing laboratory furniture, preferably with a well-known brand, so that the quality of high-end laboratory furniture can be guaranteed, and it will also get experience of good service.

2. Smell

Smell is mainly to check whether the laboratory furniture is environmentally friendly, and some unenvironmentally friendly laboratory furniture will release harmful substances and harm human health. The furniture with strong irritating smell can not be bought, and we should check the quality inspection report of the product to see if it is in conformity with the national environmental protection standard.

3. Check

Check refers to a comprehensive inspection, and careful inspection is the most critical step to ensure the quality of laboratory furniture. And see if there is a problem in the material of laboratory furniture, and check the sealing edge, hardware structure and so on, guaranteeing that there is no problem in all aspects of laboratory furniture.