Stainless Steel Lab Furniture

The first choice of laboratory furniture is to consider the function of the laboratory furniture. It requires our laboratory furniture to be easy to clean, to be sterilized and to be able to keep clean for a long time. While ordinary steel and wooden furniture are difficult to meet the requirements of this cleanliness. A series of high-quality stainless steel furniture with perfect production process, using high-quality brushed stainless steel as raw materials, fully meet the requirements of high cleanliness and strength of customers. With the perfect combination of base board of 25 MM stainless steel countertops and steel cabinet, the requirements of the laboratory for cleanliness and load-bearing capacity, at the same time, are also taken into account.

The advantages of all steel and stainless steel laboratory furniture:

1. The corrosion resistance is excellent: the aluminum alloy profile and steel frame developed by Guangdong Huilv are all processed by strict acid washing, phosphating, electrophoresis, epoxy resin high pressure powder spraying and high-temperature curing. It not only ensures the firm structure, but also makes the frame material have good corrosion resistance, thus prolonging the service life of the laboratory equipments.

2. Strong structure, load-bearing properties and deformation with relatively reasonable price.

3. Complete varieties and functions: specialized in laboratory planning, lab design, lab decorating, lab decoration design, laboratory furniture, laboratory equipment, test bench, the experimental side, the central experimental units, fume hood, ventilation hood, ark of detoxification, ventilation systems engineering, ventilation system, ventilation engineering, systems engineering, purification engineering, purification equipment, purification system, ventilation equipment, etc., the special use of the laboratory requires thorough consideration, material and production techniques, to provide users with a comfortable, safe and convenient modern laboratory environment.

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    Stainless Steel Lab Tables2017/05/08

    Stainless steel laboratory furniture is the best choice for any clean room. Z&H stainless lab furniture enjoys 5 years free warranty, lifetime maintenance.

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