Steel Lab Furniture

Steel lab furniture:

1. Cabinet: with a thickness of 1.2 mm, high quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is processed by pickling, neutralization, phosphating (coating), polishing, etc., to make high-quality imported epoxy resin powder, it should have the functions of antirust, anticorrosion and organic solvent resistance.
2. The cabinet door is double layer to avoid distortion. The upper cover shall be free of bare screws.
3. The steel lab furniture contains a layer of movable partitions, where the pipes and wires are connected.
4. The backboard has movable baffle to facilitate the maintenance; There are water pipes, wire pipes and so on between the back plates in the cabinet body of the central laboratory.

The characteristics of the steel lab furniture:
All the materials of the cabinet are steel. It is made of high quality cold rolling steel plate, which is refined through a series of complex processes, such as shearing, bending, welding, stamping and grinding. The surface is made of acid washing phosphating electrostatic epoxy resin, and the bottom of the cabinet is equipped with a special adjustable foot to adjust the level of the cabinet. Thehigh-temperaturee resistance of this material is strong, the weight bearing and the sturdiness are all unparalleled in other materials, and the service life is the longest. However, it is recommended that all steel is not used in the acidic and bad exhaust environment, and in a relatively humid environment. Even if the spraying effect is good, there will be scratch and damage in the process of installation, and electric corrosion is easy to occur.