Wooden Lab Furniture

Full wood material laboratory table:
1. Door plate: adopt 18mm thick high quality medium fiber board, paste 1mm thick high quality fire prevention board externally. All cross sectional high-quality PVC sealed border anti-water treatment, and four-side chamfer is smooth processing.
2. Cabinet body: 18mm thick double-sided melamine board; All cross section by the high quality PVC sealed boder anti-water treatment, all use triad of disassembling connection panel with solid structure, bearing performance is good and easy to demolition, which is easy to use this special working environment in the laboratory.
3. Drawer: drawer panel material conforms to door panel, base plate utilize 9mm thick high quality melamine board, other materials are conform to the body; Use the high quality three - section guide rail.  In the experiment, the cabinet cylinder pulls smoothly and flexibly, and pull hard is avoided for causing the drawer to slide down the ground; At the same time, three sections guide rail also have excellent bearing performance.
4. Activity backboard: use 9mm thick double-sided melamine plate, all sections are treated with high quality PVC seal ed boder and it can be disassembled, so as to repair water, electricity and gas etc. in the process.
The wooden experiment table features: the cabinet is full wooden structure, the main material is the high quality melamine board. The main advantages of the wooden bench are beautiful, low cost and short processing cycle. The back wooden plate has the equipment maintenance access, and it is convenient for the back water, electricity and gas maintenance of the cabinet back. But because the wooden structure is not durable, and it is easy to be the tide, blister, even severe deformation. So many people use the full wood material now.

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    Wooden Lab Table2017/04/27

    Wooden lab table is the cheapest design, it's widely used in school. The base cabinets can be made by melamine faced chipboard/MDF/Marine wood. Anyway, it's not...

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