• Justrite Flammable Liquid Storage CabinetJustrite Flammable Liquid Storage CabinetMay 26, 2017Flammable liquid cabinet is especially used to storage every kinds of flammable chemicals. ZHIHAO justrite flammable cabinet is made by 1.0mm steel coated with epoxy resin, double wall construction wi...view
  • Lab Cart/ Stool/ Faucet/ PegboardLab Cart/ Stool/ Faucet/ PegboardApril 27, 2017A lab design isn’t complete until it is fully outfitted with accessories necessary to operate. Explore our photo gallery for examples of laboratory equipment we’ve supplied to industrial and research labs worldwide.view
  • Balance Table and Corner TableBalance Table and Corner TableApril 27, 2017Balance table can effectively reduce the interference of a variety of vibration on the experiment including natural movement of earth, vehicle friction with the ground, etc; To ensure accuracy of the experimental process. Corner table is a kind of walview
  • Clean BenchClean BenchApril 27, 2017ZHIHAO offer vertical laminar flow hood and horizontal laminar flow hood. ​​It can provide 100 cleanliness (operation area), to ensure the production of environment cleanliness requirements.view
  • Emergency Shower and Eyewash StationEmergency Shower and Eyewash StationApril 27, 2017These devices can be emergency wash or shower When harmful chemicals splash to staff’s body, face, eyes. The mainly function is to avoid further damage caused by chemical substances. Each laboratory should install safety equipment to protect workers.view
  • Lab HoodLab HoodApril 27, 2017The main function of chemical fume hood is exhaust, it’s the lab safety equipment for protection from dangerous materials. Browse our photo gallery for examples of fume hoods we’ve installed for our industrial research clients throughout the world. We alview
  • Chemical Storage CabinetChemical Storage CabinetApril 27, 2017It's a kind of lab storage cabinets for various chemicals or medicines. Our industrial safety cabinets include securall flammable cabinets, corrosive cabinets, metal lab cabinets. Contact with our sales department for suitable chemical storage cabinets.view
  • Wooden Lab TableWooden Lab TableApril 27, 2017Wooden lab table is popular in developing countries, too. It's the cheapest structure. The cabinets material available in: MDF, CHIPBOARD, MARINE WOOD. (Marine wood is expensive in China.) All exposed front of the body is edged with 2.0mm PVC tape using hview
  • C-Frame/H-frame Lab BenchC-Frame/H-frame Lab BenchApril 27, 2017Add metal frame for wooden laboratory tables can effectively extend its service life. This design is widely used in developing countries. Our metal frame are made by 40*60*1.5 mm thickness steel tube coated with epoxy powder. Our metal frame table is desiview
  • Steel Lab BenchSteel Lab BenchApril 27, 2017Steel is the most popular choice for any industry. It is durable, and cost-effective. Well-maintained steel lab benches can serve decades of years. Our steel lab furniture is coated with epoxy powder which is scratch resistant, corrosive resistant. Differview