• Outdoor Flammable Storage Cabinet

Outdoor Flammable Storage Cabinet

ZHIHAO provides outdoor flammable storage cabinets which is the best solution to store flammable chemicals outdoor.

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Outdoor chemical storage cabinets are the best solution to store flammable chemicals outdoor.

Details of Outdoor Flammable Storage Cabinet

All welded double wall construction with 38mm(1-1/2'') insulating air space for fire resistance.  Thickness 1.0mm high quality steel plate by spot welding method, longer life service,better fire prevention. 6cm leak tight sump at the bottom of cabinets maximally catches incidental drips. All Cabinets are equipped with a sloped roof which overhang along with interior and exterior astragals to prevent rain penetration. Unique anti-leakage shelf can be adjusted up and down freely. Two anti-fire air vent,installed on the bottom and near by the top. The door can be opened and closed 180 degree freely, three-point latch with a manual lock for better security. Professional standard "FLAMMABLE-KEEP FIRE AWAY"warning label is obvious and clear. Easily move these cabinets to the appropriate work location using built-in heavy gauge fork lift channels. Additional system includes a metal flame arrester, temperature control system, lightning arrester;

Outdoor Flammable Cabinet Outdoor Flammable Cabinet supplierslab
supplierslab Outdoor Flammable Cabinet

sloped roof which overhang along with interior and exterior astragals to prevent rain penetration

three point latch plus manual lock

this cabinet with automatic temperature control system, it's  equipment with LCD panel, and  digital locking system.

Why choose outdoor chemical storage cabinets?

*Reduce personnel and property losses caused by fire.

To fight for the valuable escape time during there is a fire by storing dangerous chemicals away from workers.

*Save cost, and save time;

Outdoor flammable cabinets can be used directly outside without any protection, clients no need to build a warehouse for it.

But pay attention, outdoor flammable liquid storage cabinets are installed complexity; Small size cabinets can be shipped whole sets; If too big design, we suggest terminal customers to buy it locally.

Why choose ZHIHAO lab furniture LTD?

1. We are one of the most professional lab furniture manufacturers with an over 10000 square meter producing center in Baiyun, Guangzhou City, China;

2. All the safety cabinets are strictly produced according to OSHA;

3. Save your cost by getting high quality products from us; And our price is competitive. Now, our products have sold to dozens of countries. All the clients say “ZHIHAO is a good partner. Really high quality.”

4. No standard size for outdoor flammable chemical storage cabinets, all is produced according to clients requirements;

5. Service team will treat each client with heart and soul; All the questions will be replied within 24hours;

6. Lifetime maintenance; Any problems during using, contact with us directly.


High density acid and alkali only can be stored with Polypropylene Cabinets,(for example, sulfuric acid, hydroelectric acid, citric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide etc). Please visit “corrosive cabinets” for more details.

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